PARKUNLOAD, a technological start-up founded in Barcelona in 2017, has designed, developed and patented an innovative solution to regulate “smart” loading bays. PARKUNLOAD® is a very cost-effective IoT (Internet of Things) platform to flexibly regulate and efficiently control loading bays in urban areas, by using “smart” road signs and mobile applications for both drivers and wardens. When the driver gets close to the smart road sign, PARKUNLOAD’s mobile application displays the loading permit and the maximum parking time depending on several criteria, such as: precise location, schedule, driver’s profile, vehicle emissions, vehicle type and tonnage.

PARKUNLOAD® was deployed in the city of Vic, Catalonia (Spain) in 2018 and achieved a return on investment within 6 months. Importantly, it also enabled the Municipality to implement a fully digitalized mobility policy for its loading bays in a way that better allocates roadside rights to a more-segmented set of road users.

The big data generated from such a precise street management tool has generated interest from the research community in the US and elsewhere. The prospect of using such data to establish a baseline of freight activity led to Parkunload being selected as a co-innovator of the SBIR Last-Mile Delivery Challenge coordinated by Smart Dublin – currently in its 2nd Phase – in the cities of Dublin and Belfast.

As part of its business expansion plan, PARKUNLOAD will exhibit its product and know-how at CiTTi. CEO, Carles Sentís, comments:

“This is our first exhibition in mainland UK. CiTTi is a recognized leading national event for smart mobility and we are very excited about exhibiting here. Our aim is present our product to Local Authorities and Estates Managers that are confronting the urban freight challenge, and to find partners in the research and service supply fields at national level.”