Navtech Radar’s M25 Stationary Vehicle Detection Pilot Scheme Wins CIHT/DfT Technology Award

A pilot scheme for radar-based stationary vehicle detection (SVD) technology, located on the M25 between J23 ­– J27, has won the CIHT/DfT Technology Award at the 2018 CIHT Awards ceremony.

The scheme, which features Navtech Radar’s ClearWay Automated Incident Detection system, was chosen over other entrants for its ability to reduce the risks to vehicles by instantly detecting stationary vehicles or obstructions in the road. Compared to traditional detection systems, stationary vehicles are detected an average of 16 minutes faster, meaning that incident response measures to mitigate the risk can be initiated much quicker.

After a series of positive trials of the radar-based technology on the M62 and M25, the M25 pilot scheme went live in early 2018. The aim was to mitigate the risk of road users being killed or seriously injured (KSI) on high-speed roads, particularly when vehicles stopped in a live lane during off-peak hours when traffic flows are low. Because traditional detection systems rely on queuing traffic to identify an issue, stationary vehicles were not being discovered in off-peak periods. During these times, stopped vehicles were identified as the fourth-highest risk of a KSI on all lane running (ALR) schemes.

The team behind the pilot includes Highways England, Connect Plus, Connect Plus Services, Atkins (a member of the SNC-Lavalin group), Jackson Civil Engineering, Navtech Radar and Mway Comms, who came together to design, install and implement the radar-based solution. Speaking about the benefits seen since the introduction of the SVD technology, the South Mimms Regional Control Centre Operations Manager said:

SVD made a real positive difference during our incident on the 2nd April 2018. We had a vehicle cross onto the opposite carriageway on the M25 between J24 and J25 causing full closure of the M25. We may not have known anything about this incident until the police interface came through, so the 14 minutes between the initial alert and the police interface being received gave us a much quicker response, and possibly saved a lot of trapped traffic. This is, in my opinion, such a positive outcome from SVD, and a huge success for this project and the team involved.

The judges’ comments upon winning the Technology Award praised the system, stating:

“This entry demonstrates an exceptionally well thought through, well-engineered and well-implemented solution. The SVD Radar offers a powerful measure, with widespread application, for alerting network operations systems and staff to stationary vehicles. It will help them mitigate safety critical issues, improve incident response times and traffic flow. It is highly likely that its implementation will save lives and prevent injuries. The trials have proved the quality and the use-case for the equipment and the approach taken.”

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