Five minutes with Israel Duanis - Co-Founder & CEO - Fleetonomy

Can you please share a little about yourself with our visitors?

Co-Founder and CEO of Fleetonomy, Israel Duanis, is an autonomous vehicle veteran and data-driven technologist who leads Fleetonomy’s journey and mission to empower the efficient management of mobility services worldwide. By using Fleetonomy’s Mobility Operations Center, public transportation operators & authorities, car rental services, transit agencies, top tier OEM’s and other mobility operators are already launching their new mobility offerings in order to capture today’s opportunities and prepare themselves for the future ahead.

Israel holds an M.Sc. in System Engineering from the Technion and a B.Sc. in Physics & Mathematics from Hebrew University. He is also a graduate of the IDF’s prestigious Talpiot Research and Development program.

Can you please tell us why you chose to exhibit at CiTTi 2019?

We are looking forward to meeting CiTTi’s distinct group of private and public transportation representatives seeking to leverage cutting edge technology and improve regional transit operations. As urbanization increases, it is crucial for public transportation officials to gain access to all of the tools they need in order to provide the best experience for passengers while also being able to synchronize between traditional public transportation and new-mobility solutions. Fleetonomy is excited to offer our support and solutions for tackling the various challenges in the transportation transformation. Sharing our vision of technology-powered public transportation that operates efficiently and smoothly alongside sustainable smart-mobility solutions at Citti is a dialogue we can not wait to begin.

What will you be sharing with visitors to the exhibition?

While managing various mobility services in the same city simultaneously is not an easy task, public transportation operations should have the right tools to launch their own smart-transportation services as well as be able to efficiently synchronize between drivers, riders, vehicles, and different services that operate in their region on a day-to-day basis.

Fleetonomy’s Mobility Operations Center made for public transport planning & dynamic scheduling optimizes management capabilities and improves efficiency in these complex mobility operations.

The holistic mobility management platform helps public transportation operators and authorities reduce operational costs, save time by automating manual processes like transit scheduling, meet compliance requirements or set policies based on data, and improve their overall quality of service.

More information will be provided by the Fleetonomy team at booth 209.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing the industry at the moment?

In 1950, there were only two cities with populations of more than 10 million in the world. According to estimates, by 2030, there will be 53. As cities experience rapid growth, worldwide urbanization presents a new variety of challenges.

One of the most pressing challenges for the public transportation industry is the increasingly industry-wide shortage in bus drivers, resulting in straining public transit services to the point that they negatively affect passenger satisfaction.

Traffic congestion is another one of the most prominent challenges that keep growing as cities expand. Finding smart ways to allow cities to keep growing while reducing traffic congestion is crucial to the wellbeing of cities today and in the future.

While reducing carbon footprint with sustainable last-mile mobility solutions can help reduce the number of cars on the road and relieve traffic congestion, the increasing growth, and variety of smart-mobility services such as scooters, bikes and more create the need for cities to facilitate these services and make data-driven decisions in order to evaluate the effectiveness of new policies and permits, identify high friction points between different services, synchronize between public transit and new-transportation services and see the full transportation picture.