Five minutes with Mike Cottle, VP of Sales, Business Development & Customer Success - Bestmile

Can you please share a little about yourself with our visitors?

As VP of Sales, Business Development and Customer Success at Bestmile,
I am responsible for all aspects of our customers’ success. Bestmile makes a platform that enables vehicles of anybrand or type (human – driven or autonomous) to work together enable providers to create efficient, intelligent mobility fleets. In my role I help cities and public and private mobility providers solve their most pressing transportation challenges with efficient, cost – effective mobility solutions. Prior to joining Bestmile, I held similar roles at Ridecell, navigation company deCarta (acquired by Uber) and Mapsense (acquired by Apple). I’m a map geek at heart.

Can you please tell us why you chose to exhibit at CiTTi 2019?

The world has been focused on autonomous vehicles and their novelty, but less attention has been paid to all the pieces that need to be put into place for new mobility services to succeed at moving more people with fewer vehicles, and at reducing traffic and congestion to improve the quality of life in cities. Making these services work isn’t always easy. We have seen with the rise of ridehailing services that the lack of coordination with public transit, for example, has made traffic worse and negatively impacted public transport. Some high – profile closures of services like Chariot and Slide show that getting services right is difficult. This conference recognizes that vehicles and services, whether autonomous or not, need to work together with in an ecosystem that includes vehicles, operators, passengers, and elected officials. CiTTI brings together the right stakeholders that need to be involved in creating smart mobility for smart cities and we are excited to be here.

What will you be sharing with visitors to the exhibition?

We will be sharing vision for the design, deployment, and management of new mobility services that meet the expectations of everyone — residents, commuters, service providers and city leaders. This includes understanding how to integrate autonomous vehicles and services with public transport in ways that improve transit and solve last – mile challenges, and how to simulate and test new services in advance to ensure that they can meet passenger and operator requirements for convenience and utilization.