Five minutes with Roman Rohrberg, Regional Marketing Manager EMEA - Miovision

Can you please share a little about yourself with our visitors?

I am the  Regional Marketing Manager for the EMEA markets. My main task is to connect transportation professionals with data collection technologies and educate them on the necessity of high-quality data to support a city’s funding bid, improve road safety or tackle today’s traffic issues. My biggest passion is the topic of using technology and data to help cities create Smart Cities, which also protect their most vulnerable citizens.

Can you please tell us why you chose to exhibit at CiTTi 2019?

I believe that CiTTi 2019 is a great opportunity for us to get close to county councils in the region as well as in the UK. It also provides us with a platform to showcase our product in person and highlight its benefits

What will you be sharing with visitors to the exhibition?

During the exhibit, we will be showcasing our flagship product DataLink. DataLink is the industry-leading All-in-One solution for multi-modal traffic data collection and management.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing the industry at the moment?

Cities of the future and today are data-centric, particular when it comes to road traffic data. Unfortunately, data integrity, availability and accuracy are the biggest problems in such data-centric environments. Unless these problems are solved, cities will not be able to create a fundamentallly strong base to achieve their Smart City vision.