Spotlight on our speaker

Ben Boutcher-West, Head of Mobility - AppyParking

Can you share a little bit about yourself with us please?

A back ground in Automated driving and Urban Mobility, I start each day with a walk and then get stuck into making kerbside access easier for everyone. As an urbanist living city pain points, I am really excited by new technology applied to answer city challenges and remove friction for consumers. Parking is just the start.

What should we expect from your session?

An insight into the opportunity digital kerbside management offers both the public and private sector. From our current technology deployment right through to where the kerbside is headed, I will be looking to excite interest and form new partnerships to promote compliant access for all.

What are you most looking forward to at CiTTi 2019?

Engaging across the sectors thought leaders to understand what the next 12 months of innovation are likely to bring and establish opportunities for new partnerships. I am particularly looking forward to the city backed sessions understanding issues around them today and their future thinking.

Why do you feel events like this are important to the industry?

It’s vital the private and public sector engage more, events like these provided a relaxed opportunity to share ideas and engage.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing the industry at the moment?

Isolated decision making and a speed differential between public sector, working for good, and private sector, working for profits. Working between the two AppyParking act as a positive conduit between both strategies but we need more engagement to unlock the full potential of the mobility revolution.