Anthony Hinde

Director, Sales and Operations - Emobility UK



I have spent 20 years in the sustainability sector, working as the European Sales and Marketing Director in heat recovery systems for a Canadian company and then as the Sales and Market Director for an Italian firm in the Geothermal power generation sector.

Most before Vattenfall I have been contracting with a Climeon, a Swedish startup trying to disrupt the geothermal world, with the target of being the world number 1 climate solver. I have had some great opportunities to work in some rapidly growing companies, and work with skilled and talented people.

I started with Vattenfall in May 2018, and have really enjoyed being part of a great team building out our EV infrastructure across the UK

Through all this time I have kept my love of cars poorly hidden as my night time hobby, and am really delighted to be in a sector which combines sustainability and mobility.

I have my degree in Mechanical Engineering from Nottingham University in the UK and an MBA from Purdue in the US. I grew up in London but have had the opportunity to live and work internationally.

I have 2 young kids, so at the moment there isn’t very much spare time, but, I have always enjoyed driving, restoring and generally playing with cars. In addition I love cycling and we are one the few families to be regularly seen cycling around London with the kids in a dutch style bucket bike at the weekends. We try and do our bit for sustainability, by offsetting, minimizing car use, and I hope eating a little less meat in the future.



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