Brian Matthews

Head of Transport Innovation

Milton Keynes Council


Brian has been with Milton Keynes Council since 1997, previously working for Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire County Councils.


Brian has taken up the role of leading on the development and delivery of the council’s programme of Transport Innovation. This builds on Brian’s experience of managing the delivery of MK’s Electric Bus Project (UKs first fully electric bus service) and leading on the council’s Go Ultra Low cities programme – designed to increase the number of electric vehicles in Milton Keynes. This programme has seen the opening of Europe’s first EV experience centre and created the most comprehensive charging network available in any UK city.


Brian recently has led the council’s involvement in the UK Autodrive project. This £20m project, with 16 partners is the largest and most comprehensive programme in the UK for testing and evaluating self-driving vehicles operating on open roads in Milton Keynes. Alongside the demonstrations a comprehensive research programme has been completed that has addressed some of the key issues around self-driving vehicles operating in the UK.


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