Dr Patrizia Franco

Senior Technologist in Transport Modelling

Connected Places Catapult



Dr Patrizia Franco is a senior technologist in Transport Modelling at Connected Places Catapult ( former Transport Systems Catapult). Former researcher in transport modelling and data analysis at Newcastle University, she has extensive experience in strategic transport models, public transport systems and is specialised in Agent Based Modelling to model Mobility as a Service and Demand Responsive Transit in order to achieve greater sustainability and resilience in smart cities.

She leads the technical development of collaborative projects, such as the Innovate UK funded project Mobility on demand laboratory Environment (MODLE), where an Agent Based Model was developed for Greater Bristol using a novel a data-rich approach to transport planning. The award-winning project allowed Mobility services providers and local authorities to assess flexible ride-sharing mobility services and promote integration of private services with mass transit.

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