Pekka Möttö


Kyyti Group Ltd


Pekka Möttö, CEO of Kyyti Group, Helsinki Finland, had a high profile career as a public transport operator in Finland before joining the Kyyti team in 2016.

He founded an intercity bus company, which thoroughly disrupted the Finnish intercity market including trains and buses.

Before Onnibus, own car was the cheapest way to travel between the cities in Finland. introduced digital sales channels and aggressive demand based pricing and brought double decker high quality coaches to Finland. took dominating market share of intercity buses in Finland and forced the national train company to change it’s business model as well. received several national awards including the best customer experience in Finland.

Kyyti on demand ride sharing was awarded the best mobile service in Finland 2017. Möttö and his team are looking for a role in global rapidly changing smart mobility market as a solution and platform provider for transport operators and authorities interested in on demand ride sharing and a maas platform.




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