Roman Rohrberg

Marketing Manager



In 2017 Roman joined the Miovision Office in Cologne. In his role as Marketing Manager he is not only responsible for market communication and branding but he is also an educator. He helps transportation professionals to optimize their traffic data collection processes and raises awareness of the importance of data accuracy. Since 2018, Roman is also a part of the leadership team EMEA.

Before joining Miovision, Roman held the position of Manager of Investment and Expansion at Invest in Bavaria in New York City, USA. During his time at Invest in Bavaria he was running the marketing activities as well as consulting young aspiring tech startups on expanding their business to Europe. Roman has a passion for technology and data, particularly when it comes to creating Smart Cities. He is an advocate for high-quality data to build a fundamentally strong base to create the cities of tomorrow by protecting their most vulnerable road users.

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